Deep Sky Mobile Authorized Dealership

Exclusive Authorized Retailer candidates should be interested in growing a multi-unit retail operation and must expand in the areas meeting Deep Sky Mobile's distribution and retail planning business needs.

- Being a select retailer gives a multi-store
owner the opportunity to make additional income.
- Receive a fast return on investment with your low-cost initial investment.
- Earn competitive compensation through activating new customers, in-store and
credit/debit card customer payment, accessory sales and residual income from
new customers you sign up.

What are the qualifications?

Owner must:

- Live within market area stores are located.
- Have retail management experience.
- Have willingness and desire to open a minimum of five stores within two years.
- Have a comprehensive business plan.
- Have the financial capacity to open multiple stores.
- Accept Sprint Prepaid Group’s Branded Retail Acknowledgement Terms and Conditions.