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Unlimited Voice, Text, Video Chat
Mobile app allows unlimited FREE voice and video calls between Deep Sky users anywhere in the world
Unlimited voice, SMS, and video chatting between users
FREE International voice calls between Deep Sky users
No monthly subscription ($0)
Recommend app to friend or family member overseas
FREE to download, FREE to activate!!!
* In-network rates apply to register users only
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Pay As You Go
per minute
US & Canada Voice
Deep Sky Pay As You Go Plan allows you to only pay for minutes used. Select new number from your area
Voice + SMS service to US & Canada
Add 2nd phone number to your smartphone
Seperate Personal & Business calls
SMS enabled for mobile app
FREE Inetrnational calls between Deep Sky users
* One-time activation fee only $10.00
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Hosted PBX

Businesses worldwide are combining their voice traffic with their lower-cost data traffic. We offer a full range of attractive calling features, also with attractive savings. With Deep Sky, you can easily provision many industry-leading models of IP Phones.

Virtual Office

With our award-winning Virtual Office solution, we can help small and home-based customize their own VoIP solution in the Cloud. Virtual Office enables customers to use existing landline without needing IP phones.

New Phone Number

Need a new phone number? Purchase a new SMS enabled phone number in your areas code, or any area code in North Amercia. Add new number to your smartphone through our mobile app, or as a new home phone line through our Pay As You Go Plan.

Home Phone Service

Deep Sky Mobile offers Home Phone voice service for US and Canada, which includes voicemail, which included ability to app 2nd phone number to your smartphone, for only $19.99 a month. We can provide you with a new phone number, or switch your current number over with us. Save Today!

FREE International Calls

Through our mobile app or residential line you can make free in-network calls between any Deep Sky users. So if you and a friend or family member both have an account with Deep Sky Mobile, you can talk to each other from anywhere in the world, for FREE!

* Note: The Mobile App Plan does not come with new phone number

Business Virtual Office....

Interested in learning about Deep Sky Mobile Virtual Office and how it can assist your business in all its voice and mobile communication needs? Send us a request for pricing package and demo of our services