Here are some basic questions regarding activating your Deep Sky Mobile service

- Add Second Phone Line to Your Phone
- Free International 'On-Net' Voice Calls
- Residential Phone Service
- Cut You Monthly Phone Bill


How can I add a second phone line to my smartphone?

By utilizing the Deep Sky Mobile service you can add a second phone line to your smartphone. Perfect if you are not comfortable giving out you personal phone number, or for keeping personal and business calls separate.

Simple choose our North America Plan and you can select a new phone number from your area to add as a second phone line to your smartphone.

What type of phone would I need to use the Deep Sky Mobyx app?

Most any Android of iOS devices work with the Deep Sky Mobyx app. Simple download the app in our Download Softphone section of our website.

How do I register to use the app?

You can register to use the Deep Sky Mobyx app by going to the Account Signup page. After registering you will be sent a QR code which you can 'scan' through the mobile app to activate your service. Afterwards you can upgrade features to your service through your Account Care portal.

Is there a cost to activate the basic app?

There is a one-time fee of $10.00 USD to activate your account, but no monthly charges after that. In your Account Care page you will have option to upgrade to a number of new bundled and promotional subscription services, or just add funds to run with our Pay As You Go plan.

What can I do with the basic Deep Sky Mobyx account?

Under basic app you can make free calls with other users on the Deep Sky Mobile network. Simply have a friend register a Deep Sky account and you both can call and chat with each other for free anywhere in the world as 'on-network' users.

Perfect if your traveling overseas and would like to make free calls back home to friends and family



Can I use Deep Sky VoIP as my home phone?

Yes, Deep Sky residential VoIP offers 1500 minute voice service to US & Canada for only $19.99 a month. You simply need to plug a VoIP enabled phone into USB port, or router, and Deep Sky Mobile can become your residential phone service for the house.

Lower Your Monthly Bills: If you don't use your home line much you may go with our Pay As You Go Plan, where you only pay for the minutes you use. At $0.02 per minute to US & Canada if you only use 300 minutes during the month you could lower your monthly bill to roughly $6.00 (not including taxes)

Switching to Deep Sky Mobile as your residential phone service could save you money on your monthly phone bill

Can I transfer my current home phone number to Deep Sky Mobile?

Don't want to lose that home number you've had for years? No problem! You can transfer (port) your current number to Deep Sky Mobile and keep it as your number for your new residential service with us. Support Form

Will you be adding additional services for residential customers?

Yes, in the future Deep Sky will be offering IPTV and data service to customers. We plan to provide what they call "Triple Play" bundled services where we can provide you Phone, Internet, and TV in one bundled package. We will be providing customers live streaming TV service to become your all in one provider under the Deep Sky Mobile name

This could help lower your monthly cable and phone bills in one packaged service.

Stay tuned for more details

Need Help Switching Over?

Contact us and we will be more then happy to assist you on issues such as activating mobile app, and switching over to Deep Sky Mobile as your new residential voice service. You can visit our VoIP FAQ page, or just contact us directly through our Support Form and one of reps will be more then happy to assist you