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- Unlimited Voice, SMS, and Video Chatting with other Deep Sky users anywhere in the world

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Deep Sky's In-Network Calling feature lets you make free high-definition calls and video calls, and send free texts, video messages and photos to anyone with the Deep Sky mobile app, anywhere in the world.

How Does This Work?

If you and another registered Deep Sky user both have the mobile app installed you can make unlimited voice calls to each other, anywhere in the world, for free!

Example: Lets say you live in the US, but you have a good friend or family member back in India you want to stay in touch with, but long distance charges just don't make that possible.

Well, through Deep Sky's In-Network Calling you can now talk to each other for hours on end, anywhere in the world, day or night, for FREE!!!

Simply install the app, refer another user to install app from there end, and start talking. That's it!

How can I make calls in mobile app?

You just need to launch the Deep Sky app on your iPhone® or Android™ device, and enter the Deep Sky users number you want to call. By default all free In-network user accounts start with 020 prefix, followed by their seven digit account ID number.

Is there a cost to use the Deep Sky voice app?

The mobile app and account are all FREE!!! There are no monthly charges to gain access to unlimited free in-network voice and video calls to other Deep Sky users anywhere in the world.

Note that carrier charges may apply over 3G/4G networks if you are roaming or have a limited-data plan.


Have a question on how to switch over to Deep Sky Mobile?

Ask us a question though our Support Form and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

Desktop Phone for PC



Make Phone Calls from you Computer

In addition to our mobile softphone Deep Sky Mobile customers can also make VoIP calls directly from their PC. MAC, or Laptop. Cut that residential phone line and make calls directly from your laptop at just a fraction of the cost, anywhere in the world.

PC/Laptop dialer available for registered users

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Unlimited Voice, Text, Video Chat
Mobile app allows unlimited FREE voice and video calls between Deep Sky users anywhere in the world
Unlimited voice, SMS, and video chatting between users
FREE International voice calls between Deep Sky users
No monthly subscription ($0)
Recommend app to friend or family member overseas
FREE to download, FREE to activate!!!
* In-network rates apply to register users only
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Pay As You Go
per minute
US & Canada Voice
Deep Sky Pay As You Go Plan allows you to only pay for minutes used. Select new number from your area
Voice + SMS service to US & Canada
Add 2nd phone number to your smartphone
Seperate Personal & Business calls
SMS enabled for mobile app
FREE Inetrnational calls between Deep Sky users
* One-time activation fee only $10.00
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