FREE, no monthly fee
Unlimited On-Network Calls
Mobile app allows unlimited FREE voice calls between Deep Sky users anywhere in the world
Unlimited voice calls between Deep Sky users
FREE International voice calls between Deep Sky users
No monthly subscription ($0)
Recommend app to friend or family member overseas
* One-time activation fee only $5.00
* Does not include new phone number or SMS service
Purchase App
Pay As You Go
per minute
US & Canada Voice
Deep Sky Pay As You Go Plan allows you to only pay for minutes used. Select new number from your area
Voice service to US & Canada (home & mobile)
Purchase new phone number for your smartphone
Calls from your PC or MAC with laptop dialer
SMS enabled for mobile app
FREE Inetrnational calls between Deep Sky users
* One-time activation fee only $10.00
Purchase Plan


How to Start

Step #1 - Sign-up to register new account with Deep Sky Mobile

Step #2 - Download Deep Sky Mobyx app to your Android or iOS phone

Step #3 - Open app, then scan your QR code with phone camera to activate service

It's that simple! Start making on-network calls with other users, anywhere in the world, for free!

Need Help Switching Over?

Contact us and we will be more then happy to assist you on issues such as activating mobile app, and switching over to Deep Sky Mobile as your new residential voice service. You can visit our VoIP FAQ page, or just contact us directly and one of reps will be more then happy to assist you